Our History

625 1/2 StreetSistersville General Hospital has been in existence since 1908 where its first home was located at 625 1/2 Wells Street,  an apartment above the office of Dr. Phillip H. Webb.  In 1911, the hospital moved to the William West home on Water Street (Riverside Drive) where it remained until a flood necessitated moving to “higher ground” around 1913 to the S.G. Cline property at 310 East Street-Extension (no longer standing). In time this proved too small for a hospital and the fourth move was made to a house at the corner of Wood Street and Cemetery Road on Cemetery Hill. This was in the year 1917 and the hospital remained here until the building of a frame structure at 314 South Wells Street, its present location, in 1928.  The hospital was officially opened in July of 1929. In 1933, an addition known as the “north wing” was added and in 1952 the hospital was turned over to the City of Sistersville and became a City hospital in the place of a private institution. In 1957, the maternity wing, a two-story brick structure was added. In January of 1976 the new addition was completed.

Sistersville General Hospital has experienced many changes during its many years of providing care and service to Tyler County and surrounding counties to be a vital part of the communities we live in.  The hospital has touched many lives by caring for and often saving the life of a loved one.  We are fortunate to have a history of many success stories while being humbled in that all situations do not end as such.

Hospitals, especially small rural hospitals like SGH, have gone through many changes over the years.  Through all of these changes, SGH has sustained and remains a viable healthcare facility.  SGH, a Critical Access Hospital, and Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital, an Essential Access Community Hospital, were one of the first in WV to enter into this federally funded program.