The Twigs

Sistersville General Hospital is proud of the “Hospital Twigs.”  These Twig groups, made up of local women, usually 12 to 25 members strong, support our hospital by raising money to purchase items needed by the hospital.  With their tremendous contributions, the hospital is able to maintain quality healthcare to our community.

The first Twig or “hospital club,” as it was known was organized in June of 1928, with a membership of ten ladies who were dedicated to making towels for the hospital.  This was the Hawthorne Twig.  This Twig is no longer in existence, but we currently have three active Twigs, each taking their name from a flowering shrub or tree. They are: Rhododendron, Lilac, and Redbud. The Hospital is deeply grateful for the countless number of contributions made to the hospital by all the Twigs.

Anyone wishing to start their own Twig or would just like to become a member of a current Twig can contact Diana Rice at (304) 447-2454.