More Than Meets The Eye…

Imaging Services

CT Scan
Open Bore MRI
Arterial and Venous Doppler

Laboratory Services

SGH Laboratory is a full service lab offering a vast selection of clinical testing services. For more information please call (304) 652-2611.

Physical Therapy

Jason Suter, DPT and Sandy Marody, MSPT provide Physical Therapy services to those individuals who have experienced a functional change in their ability to perform activities of leisure, work or sports due to physical injury, illness and/or disease. They utilize a wide range of physical modalities, equipment and hands on techniques to help your body recover to its maximum benefit. Jason and Sandy offer individualized hands-on assessment and treatment along with a personalized exercise and stretching program tailored to your specific needs. They also provide education about your injury/disorder and ways to prevent further injury. A physician’s order is necessary for treatment. Please ask your physician for a referral to physical therapy. Physical Therapy can be reached directly by calling (304) 447-2452.

Sleep Center

The SGH Sleep Medicine Center is a full-service sleep center, nationally accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. For more information call (304) 447-2541.

Wound Care

Provide treatment of diabetic and decubitis ulcers, and wounds needing specialized treatment.

Respite Care

SGH assumes the caregiver responsibility for patient’s services normally provided in the patient’s home.

IV Therapy

SGH provides IV (intravenous) therapies, ordered by a health care provider. Therapies offered include IV fluid hydration, antibiotics, and blood transfusions to name a few.

Pulmonary Testing

The focus of pulmonary testing is to test patients who their physician may suspect may have a lung disease. Lung tests include spirometry, lung volumes, arterial blood gases, resting/walking pulse oximetry all performed by licensed Respiratory Therapists.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center exists to provide comprehensive, medically based fitness services to its members, allowing them the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential health, fitness, and well being. It exists as a community benefit to improve overall health and support the hospital’s services.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The SGH Cardiac Rehabilitation is a structured, yet comfortable program which provides rehabilitation and education about heart–healthy activity and lifestyle choices for post-surgical and post-heart attack patients. A physician referral is required to participate.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an individualized exercise and education program to help patients with chronic lung diseases control their symptoms and improve their day-to-day activities. Pulmonary Rehab is staffed by Registered Respiratory Therapists.


The department’s primary goals are to help identify those people with hearing loss and improve their quality of life with the most appropriate audiologic diagnostic treatment strategy. The audiologists provide aural rehabilitation and hearing aid technology for patients of the community and surrounding areas.


The podiatry department of SGH strives to improve the overall health of their patients by focusing on preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the foot and ankle. They treat a variety of conditions and employ innovative treatments to improve the well-being of their patients.


Nephrology deals with the study of the function and disease of the kidney. Nephrologists diagnosis and treat kidney disease including hypertension (high blood pressure), regulating electrolytes, balancing fluids in the body, kidney stones, acute kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.


The goal of SGH cardiology is simple-to enable and preserve the patient’s best-possible heart health. From a range of outpatient diagnostic services and consultation, to follow-up to surgical procedures, a sustained emphasis is placed on providing close-to-home cardiovascular care.

Family Practice

Family practice provides total health care for all ages. The doctors function as a group. Each physician sees patients in the office. Every effort is made to schedule patients when their doctor is in. However, should the need arise patients may be seen by any of the Family Practice physicians.

Emergency Services

Patients who visit the Emergency Department at Sistersville General Hospital can take comfort in the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible treatment from a team of dedicated physicians and nurses whose skill, experience and compassion ensure outstanding emergency care. Around-the-clock patient-focused care is high quality, comprehensive, accessible, supportive, and personalized.

Extended Care Unit

The extended care unit provides care for patients who require skilled service before returning home. The unit’s goal is to return patients to their optimum level of independence. In addition, family members are welcome to visit and participate in the patient’s care.

Financial Assistance

A representative from Patient Financial Services is readily available to meet with you to discuss your financial responsibility. Sistersville General Hospital provides financial assistance programs based on income, expenses, and circumstances. Our generous and comprehensive financial assistance program further demonstrates our commitment to serve all members of the community with dignity and respect.

Medication Assistance

Sistersville General Hospital is dedicated to providing a helping hand to people in need of obtaining medications they would normally have trouble affording. We act as your advocate in making the patient assistance program easier and faster by supplying vital information and help.