Journey Hospice

What is Hospice?

Originally, a place where weary and sick travelers could find shelter, hospice is now a concept of care which provides medical care for the terminally ill patient and psychosocial and spiritual care for both the patient and their family.

The emphasis of hospice care is on quality of life. Hospice supports the family so that the patient can live the remainder of their life in comfort in the company of their family and friends.

Journey Hospice was established in 1991. The dedicated hospice staff serves the needs of the terminally ill in Wetzel, Tyler, and Pleasants counties. Journey Hospice develops a plan of care under the direction of the patient’s attending physician along with the patient, his care giver, and our hospice medical director. The plan is implemented by a team of specially trained hospice professionals and volunteers.
Our Hospice Team

The staff of Journey Hospice consists of professionals who have been trained to control the symptoms of advanced disease, thus enhancing the quality of life for the individuals under our care.

The hospice team consists of a licensed physician, registered nurses, a medical social worker, home health aides, a physical therapist, and a speech therapist. We also have a consulting dietician and a team of volunteers. We work with the patient’s attending physician to provide quality care at the end of life.

Our pharmacy services are provided by Hospice Pharmacia, a company that services hospices nationwide. Hospice Pharmacia works exclusively in hospice care and employs a team of pharmacists who are specially trained to provide consultation services for hospice physicians and nurses. Most of the medications we provide will be shipped directly to the patient’s home by FedEx next-day delivery, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the drug store.

Unlike other hospices that service the area, all our staff live locally. This ensures that the patient doesn’t endure a long wait for an urgently needed visit from an on-call nurse. While it may take other hospices as long as two hours to have a nurse on site, our nurses are usually able to be at the patient’s home within 30 minutes.

“When Kindness and Caring Count Most… Count on Us.”

To Find Out More…

Please call locally (304) 447-2464 or toll free 800-303-2611. You may call for questions or to make a referral. You may also email us for more information at: [email protected]